Prayer List
Israel & all those injured and the
Bro Roger & Debbie
Johnny Halliburton
Jordan Fulkerson
Ronnie & Debbie Crick
Our Military
Our First Responders
School Children & Staff
The Lost
Kristi Robinson
Kaitlyn Robinson
John & Brinda Bishop
John Healy
Barb's Family
Rocky & Sandy Kidd
Church Family
Our Country
Our Youth & Children & Leaders
The Homeless
Elizabeth Jones
Christian France & Ministry
Mike & Christy Moore
Our Deacons & Trustees
Our State Police
Keith Bethel
Those who have attempted or
are contemplating suicide
Bus Drivers
Jacob & Katie Lee
Dylan Mathis
Devin Embry
Payton Hamby
Jesse & Lindsey Baize & kids
Lucas Adcock
Kenzie Callahan
Kerry Martorano
Dori Dunlap
Skylar Morgan
Mariah Amos
Eva Piper
Chris & Shae Martorano & girls
Kasey Richardson
Debbie McElroy
Jeremiah Ragland
Blake & Shannon Sparks
Carl Phelps
Willie Hawkins
Michelle Comett
Braden Galyen
Mr. Amold
Jeff Richardson
Barbara Adcock
Tommy Covington
Those sick in the school system
Terry Bishop
Opal Woodruff & Family
Joyce Wilcox
Janice Devine
Trisha Wells
James & Jennie Woodruff
Tabitha Conway
Tommy & Serina's Friend
Shelton Family
Julie Bilyeu
William Pierce
Shelly Romans
Corina Hodges & Tom Hodges
Timmy Heady
Betty Lane
Dorothy Tooley
Janice McDonald
Michael Romans
Hershel & Sandy Jarvis & family
Kaitlyn Piper
Irish Wells
Kelly & Troy
Lori DeArmond
Erica Bennett
Debbie Embry
Wally Shown
Pauline Linville - Cancer
Jordan Sparks
Janice Francis
Pam McKinney
Cindy Wood
Aaron Casey
Tommy Bishop
Mike Romans
Carsyn Romans
Bryson Embry
Anessa Dillan
Gary & Cindy Huff
Caleb Cary
Rick & Donna Morgan
Gene Jones
Matthew Bilbro
Morgan Family
Shawn Alexander
Deward Morris
Patty Bevel
Those Affected by Mental Illness
Michael Jones
Robin Hall
John McRoy
James Moore
Angie Jarvis
Aubree Avery
Bobby English
Layne Piper
Henry Fischer
Terry Piper
Dale Piper
Dakota France
Michel Ball
Roger Eades
Debbie Whitlow
Austin & Kimberly
Samantha Chapman
Jason Pendley
Will & Kacie Poole
Karen Kincaid
Candace Moore & Kids
Vanessa Moore
Tyler Lear
Archie Colson
Braxton LaGrand
Kitchens Family
Denise Wester
James Robinson
Josh & Charlie Hale
Baby with Cancer
Dawn Webb
David Crick
George Engler